No movies from March 2nd!

Friday, February 23rd, 2018, 07:02:58 PM IST

Every aspect of the film industry is being digitalized these days. Gone are the days when theater operators used to manually insert movie reels to display the movie on the screen.

Digital service providers like Qube and UFO made things easier for both producers and theater personnel. However, the latest developments suggest that we may not be able to see movies on the big screen from March 2nd.

Going into the story, the JAC comprised of South Indian film distributors and digital service providers have come up with varied opinions. The distributors are claiming that digital services are costing them a huge amount.

Our sources reveal that digital services are costing Approx. 25,000rs per week. The distributors are feeling that this expenditure is reducing the profits on a movie and incurring losses in few cases.

The latest news is that producers and distributors have decided not to give movies to Qube and UFO. Well, if this happens, movies will not be screened in theaters from March 2nd.