Published On: May 27, 2018 11:07 PM IST

No hope for the BJP: Chandra Babu

AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu took a dig at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party by terming its comeback in the 2019 elections a ‘distant dream’. He also stated that Congress is not a strong opposition but the BJP would still lose.

At the inauguration of Mahanadu, he said that the Prime Minister is a campaign PM who only gives slogans but never delivers. He also pointed out that the TDP had played a key role in the forming of a united front in 1996 and will also play a key role in the 2019 elections.

The TDP had snapped ties with the NDA because of its displeasure with the BJP for not giving Andhra its Special Status and this effect has also been on the people. The BJP is slowly losing its grip over the south, which might decide its fate in the coming elections.