New trend : Offending Pawan Kalyan

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018, 12:03:30 PM IST

Pawan Kalyan is one of the most widely recognized names in the Tollywood film industry. The actor has amassed humongous following amongst the youth over the years. His unique mannerisms and down to earth nature have made him one of the most lovable stars in the industry.

Pawan’s following grew beyond leaps and bounds in the past few years. This made him an easy target for various attention seekers who look to create controversies and stay in the news by abusing Pawan Kalyan.

Not long ago, a film critic named Kathi Mahesh made some offending comments on Pawan Kalyan and his ideologies. After staying in the news for over 3 months, he eventually stated that he will not be speaking about Pawan Kalyan anymore. This put an end to a TRP-targeting stint from various media groups.

Sadly, there is a new lady in town who is doing all she can to establish gender equality in the film industry. Well, you would have guessed her name by now, this lady named Sri Reddy has been revealing her personal chats with some prominent names in Tollywood. Recently, she made a few insanely offending comments on Pawan Kayan. Her Arjun Reddy-esque comments have created a stir on the social media for all the wrong reasons.

The main culprit here is not an X named Kathi Mahesh or a Y named Sri Reddy. It is all about the low standards that are being followed by a section of media. People should stop watching all this rubbish news and only then can we expect these TRP-hungry media groups to follow some sort of humanitarian levels.