New levels of stupidity from RGV

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 11:35:06 AM IST

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma was always known for his aggressive and devil may care attitude. He is constantly in the news by making offending comments on some noted personality irrespective of the field.

Recently, a struggling actor in Tollywood, Sri Reddy has been making headlines by speaking about the casting couch issue in Tollywood. The actress has crossed all limits by foul mouthing Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. Her offending comments drew a stern backlash from Pawan’s followers. However, she recently revealed that she was influenced into making those comments.

Interestingly, Ram Gopal Varma claimed that he is the one who influenced Sri Reddy into making those hard comments. I advise Sri Reddy to speak badly about Pawan Kalyan so that she can get much wider recognition. I wholeheartedly apologize to Pawan Kalyan and his followers, said RGV.

Well, we don’t expect much sense in RGV’s actions, but he showed the next level of stupidity by making brainless comments. Will Pawan’s fans target RGV from now on? We have t wait and see.