Published On: May 28, 2018 9:53 AM IST

New CM’s ‘Inane’ love towards Congress

HD Kumaraswamy made his way to the top despite the fact that his party, JDS, won just 38 MLA seats in the general elections. After coming to know that a hung is imminent, Congress was quick to react and stated that the party is ready to support Kumaraswamy as the CM of Karnataka.

The interesting part is that Congress severely criticised JDS and termed the party as BJP’s plan-B. To everyone’s surprise, all these serious allegations went to air as soon as they needed the party’s support to make sure that BJP does not form the government in Karnataka. Interestingly, even Kumaraswamy fired on Congress before the general elections and stated that thousands of farmers have committed suicides in Congress reign.

However, things have changed completely in the Kannada state. The interesting thing is that Kumaraswamy is showing inane love on the Congress party after they formed an alliance. Speaking at a recent meeting, Kumaraswamy said that he is the chief minister not with people’s support, but with the helping hand lent by Congress. These strange comments are currently the talk of the town in Karnataka as the new CM is busy praising Congress after making serious allegations against them during the election campaignings.