Negative : Mahesh’s English in BAN

Friday, May 4th, 2018, 04:06:08 PM IST

Mahesh Babu is currently a relieved man as he scored a blockbuster with Bharath Ane Nenu after 2 consecutive disasters. However, the movie is doing just above decent business at the ticket counters. The political drama is expected to reap very minimal profits for the distributors both in India and the overseas.

One of the reasons for BAN’s average box office run despite a stupendous talk is Mahesh Babu’s English in the movie. Wonder how can the hero’s English affect the movie? Here is the answer.

Mahesh is seen as a well educated chief minister in the movie. He has his own set of rules and strictly follows them at any cost( does not even care about its impact on the general public). Interestingly, Mahesh speaks in a rich English dialect in a few key scenes in the movie. This may offer a new experience to a section of the viewers, but will most certainly not go well with hardcore B & C centers. A section of viewers did not connect well with the movie and that has taken a toll on the repetitive audience for the movie.

Mahesh’s classy attitude and Koratala Siva’s vision of portraying a well educated CM’s story opened the scope for classy narration. Surprisingly, these factors are working against the movie as the B&C centers have not connected well with this political drama.

With that being said, BAN is one such movie which cannot impress all sections of the audience. It mainly caters for the multiplexes and is doing an extraordinary job there.