Published On: May 30, 2018 12:02 PM IST

Nara Lokesh did it again

Andhra Pradesh IT and Panchayath Raj minister, Nara Lokesh is known for making weird and self-deteriorating comments. In the past, he said that TDP is a caste-based party and urged people not to vote for them during his political campaigning. These wayward comments shocked the onlookers as a person who is being promoted as the face of the party is making weird comments on his own party.

The latest news is that Nara Lokesh came up with another self-trolling statement on TDP. Speaking at Mahanadu, Lokesh said that TDP has been giving MLA and MLC tickets to people who can’t even win as corporators. Sadly, Lokesh himself has never contested in any form of elections, but he is serving as a minister in TDP cabinet. It looks like Lokesh has scored a self-goal by making brutal comments that reflect his own political status.

Chandra Babu should start working on Nara Lokesh’s vocal capabilities because irresponsible speeches like these can affect the party as a whole, opine political followers.