Nara Lokesh: BJP is our main enemy

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, 11:11:06 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh IT and Panchayath Raj minister, Nara Lokesh, who is being promoted as the future president of TDP has come up with a fiery speech at Mahanadu. The young leader went all out on the opposition parties in the state and said that YCP is playing cheap politics by joining hands with BJP, who cheated the people of AP by neglecting the promises they made.

Lokesh said that the party cadre is fearing a political conspiracy that is being laid out by the opposition parties with an intention to weaken TDP. We will not succumb to this pressures and will answer them by winning the 2019 general elections, said Lokesh.

The TDP leader gave an interesting update that Panchayath Raj elections will not be held in the near future. Lokesh further added that the party will be seeing BJP as the main political opponent in the following elections as they have cheated the people of Andhra Pradesh.

The interesting question is will TDP really see BJP as their primary opponent and neglect the likes of YCP and Janasena? If that is the case the party may face troubles in the following elections as both Jagan and Pawan are gaining support from the public through their Yatras.

Today marks the third and final day of Mahanadu which is being held at Siddhartha college grounds in Vizag.