Nag saving his son from RGV effect?

Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 01:53:31 PM IST

Nagarjuna joined forces with Ram Gopal Varma after a very long gap for their latest cop drama ‘Officer’. It is widely known that the first movie in their combination, Shiva rewrote many records and paved new ways for Tollywood altogether.

Sadly, the buzz around ‘Officer’ is really low as RGV is in a disastrous streak. None of his movie in the recent times have clicked well at the box office. On the top of that, he is being thrashed for his arrogance and careless taking style in his movies.

However, Nagarjuna dared to give RGV a chance to direct Akhil’s next movie. This decision shocked many cine followers as Akhil is already finding it tough to register a solid hit and RGV’s negligence can further add to his woes. After the recent turn of events where RGV was targeted by Pawan Kalyan for his offensive acts, Nag seems to have changed his mind.

Reportedly, Nagarjuna has shelved the Akhil-RGV project at least until the ongoing controversy fades away. Well, this surely comes as a blessing in disguise for Akhil, opine many.