Modi’s arrival changed everything?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, 01:06:15 PM IST

Anyone who is closely following the latest developments in Karnataka can easily find out that the political scenario is very heated up in the Kannada state. With Congress and BJP indulging in the war of words, the party leaders are not backing down to make aggressive statements on their opponents.

Interestingly, many pre-poll surveys that were conducted last month predicted that Congres will be retaining power and win close to 118 MLA seats in these elections. These surveys gave a new boost to Congress leaders who believed that the party will be staying in power for 5 more years. However, that is not the case anymore.

The arrival of Narendra Modi changed the entire scenario as the current surveys by top media houses in the country are predicting BJP to win over 100 MLA seats. The main question here is that how can the entire political equilibrium shift with the arrival of Narendra Modi?

It looks like Congress has assessed the situation and cleverly bough in Sonia Gandhi, who stayed away from rallies and road shows for over 2 years, to campaign for the party in Karnataka. Sonia came up with a brilliant attack on Modi and said that Modi’s fake promises will not fill the stomachs of the poor and the needy.

Many surveys are predicting that the 2018 elections will be a close one and no party will be able to register a clean lead over the opponents. All in all, Karnataka elections are proving to be a close one.