Manchu Vishnu breathes fire on Maa over Sri Reddy issue

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 12:23:47 PM IST

Manchu Vishnu wrote a straight and hard-hitting letter to the Movie Artists Association(MAA). He reacted on the current happenings and developments on the Sri Reddy issue that is shaking the entire industry from the core level.

Vishnu stated that Maa is not following principal rules while dealing with the issue. He questioned Maa’s decision of imposing a ban on the actress and uplifting it without consulting with any prominent personalities in the association. He further added that Maa’s behavior is degrading with every passing day and people are losing respect towards the association.

With that being said, Vishnu did not support Sri Reddy on the issue. He mainly intended to highlight Maa’s out of the blue decisions even without speaking to the 900 odd members involved in it. He demanded the president of the association to show some sort of conviction and maturity while dealing with sensitive issues.