Manchu Lady : I asked Pawan but he did not say anything

Thursday, October 18th, 2018, 02:21:28 PM IST

Manchu Lakshmi made a few interesting revelations about her personal life and the experiences she faced as an actress.

When asked about the #MeToo movement, Manchu lady said that even she experienced such incidents in the initial stages but did not reveal any details regarding the same.

Speaking about her Memu Saitham program, Manchu Lakshmi said that she had invited Pawan Kalyan many a time in the past but did not receive any response from his side.

Well, Pawan Kalyan frequently claims that he is always ready to do social service. However, he is not-so-comfortable participating in such shows and that should be the main reason behind his negligence, say a few netizens.