Mahesh’s disaster movie gets more TRP than Bahubali 2

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, 06:34:18 PM IST

Mahesh Babu’s previous movie, SPYder had a disastrous run at the box office. This movie failed to reach the expectations laid on it and disappointed even Mahesh’s follower.

Surprisingly, this poorly executed action thriller got more TRP ratings than Bahubali 2. Going into the story, SPYder and Bahubali Tamil versions were recently telecasted in Tamil Nadu. Everyone expected Bahubali to register staggering TRP’s and leave Mahesh’s movie in the dust.

To everyone’s surprise, SPYder got 10.4 TRP while Bahubali 2 could only manage 10.33. This stat is taking many people by surprise. Well, here is the reason why Mahesh’s disaster movie did better than India’s biggest blockbuster.

SPYder movie was directed by AR Murugadoss, this talented director has a huge following in Tamil Nadu. His previous movies like Kathi and Thupaki did exceedingly well at the box office. People were more eager to watch what this talented director put up on cards.

On the other hand, Bahubali 2 stood as a mighty blockbuster and rewrote many records. Many people would have already watched this movie on the big screens and it was already telecasted in TV for 2-3 times. Majority of the people have already watched this movie and would have opted to watch Muragadoss and Mahesh’s movie instead.

Moreover, Mahesh and Murugadoss surprised everyone by registering more TRP ratings than Bahubali.