Published On: May 28, 2018 4:45 PM IST

Leave the story, bring me the remuneration

A popular Tollywood hero who scored many blockbusters in the past by mastering the trade of comedy entertainers is currently struggling to score a solid hit. He managed to stay afloat after a decent movie but followed it up with 2 back to back debacles and the second one is being bashed for its horrendous content.

The buzz is that the hero is concentrating more on the remuneration part and leaving the story and script to the air. He has been demanding close to Rs 9 crores as remuneration despite the fact that all of his latest movies are sinking without a trace. However, he managed to sign 2 movies with one of the most successful production houses in recent times.

The industry grapevine is that the hero has come to a conclusion that his career is coming to an end shortly. He is looking to make the most out of his final stage and quoting such high figures for remuneration. It this is the case, we can expect more disasters from the hero.