Published On: May 21, 2018 1:43 PM IST

Kumaraswamy’s sensible counter to Rajinikanth

JDS chief, Kumaraswamy is set to take charge as the chief minister of Karnataka on May 23rd. His party will be joining hands with Congress to form the government with 116 MLAs on their side. Kumaraswamy is currently in Delhi to meet the Congress high command and discuss about the latest happenings in the Kannada state.

Interestingly, Kumaraswamy spoke out about the ongoing Cauvery waters issue even before taking charge as the CM of the state. Reacting to Rajinikanth’s claims that Karnataka should follow the supreme court’s orders and release the mentioned amount of water to Tamil Nadu, Kumaraswamy came up with a sensible reply to the star actor.

Kumaraswamy stated that Rajinikanth should first visit Karnataka, get to know about the situation of their farmers and the problems faced due to lack of water and then speak about the issue. He added that Karnataka is already suffering from water shortage and expecting more support from their side is not a fair request.

Kumaraswamy is proving his mark by making a strong start to his reign as the chief minister. It needs to be seen if he can sustain on the throne for 5 years as the Congress-JDS alliance has 116 MLAs and that is just 4 members more than the magic figure. Well, there is a lot of time left and we will get to know the answers soon.