Published On: Sep 5, 2018 10:50 AM IST

Kumaraswamy desperate for Naidu’s help?

Karnataka chief minister, HD Kumaraswamy is having a tough time on the CM chair as his allies, Congress party is not abiding by the decisions he has been making over the past few weeks.

A while ago, Congress party added extra pressure on Kumaraswamy while the latter was on course to implement the loan waiver. However, Kumaraswamy stood by his decision and assigned funds to the implementation.

On a contemporary note, Congress party leader, Siddharamiah is asking the chief minister to allot the water and irrigation tenders worth 1.3 lakh crores to the party’s close aides. However, the JDS chief is reluctant to provide the contract to the firms that are recommended by the Congress party.

A few political followers are saying that this is the reason why Kumaraswamy visited Vijayawada recently and spoke with Chandrababu Naidu. In this meeting, Babu advised Kumaraswamy to go hand in hand with Congress party and speak with the high command in case of emergency.

Apparently, Kumaraswamy has asked Babu to support him during his tenure and will be asking for key suggestions in the future as well.