Kumaraswamy calls KCR and CBN

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 05:20:20 PM IST

JDS chief, Kumaraswamy is currently a troubled man as his proposal of forming the government has been rejected by the governor of Karnataka. Reacting to the issue, Kumaraswamy said that BJP is trying to offer money to attract his party MLAs and asking them for support to form the government. He added that the Congress-JDS alliance has enough members to form the government, but BJP is playing dirty politics to stop them from doing the same.

The Congress party leaders have taken this issue very seriously and started protests against the biased stand of the governor. Karnataka Congress leaders have been holding a few protest events, saying that the governor’s decision is against the constitution. Reportedly, Kumaraswamy has openly asked the political leaders from other states to support them in condemning the disgraceful acts of BJP.

The latest news is that Kumaraswamy has personally made phone calls to Chandra Babu Naidu and KCR, asking them to support him in the process. It is heard that both CBN and KCR made phone calls to Sonia Gandhi and gave some key suggestions on the elections declaration day. Kumaraswamy is expecting the chief ministers of AP and Telangana to support him when he needs them the most.