KTR reacts to ‘Bachcha’ comments

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, 02:30:43 PM IST

Telangana IT minister, K Taraka Rama Rao never holds back when it comes to political criticism. The young leader is known for taking things into his own hands when anyone targets him on the political front.

Going into the story, a few Congress party leaders made some spicy comments on KTR. They said that they cannot get down to KTR’s levels to speak about him and also referred to him as bachcha. This did not go well with the young leader as bachcha translates to an ineffective person in English.

KTR said that the next time someone calls him a bachcha, he will not be taking things on a lighter note. Well, this is a serious warning from the young leader who slowly proving his mettle in Telangana politics.

KTR replied that the Congress leaders are simply criticising him for no reason. He expressed his anger on the Congress leaders, saying that they are not finding any solid points to criticise TRS. He added the national party’s leaders are randomly flinging in derogatory comments on him.

It would be interesting to watch how Congress leaders will react to these hard-hitting comments.