Published On: Jul 23, 2018 1:40 PM IST

Krishnam Raju : There is nothing left for TDP

Actor-turned-politician, Krishnam Raju made some interesting comments about the current political stand of TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Krishnam Raju stated that the central government is very clear about the promises it made to the state and added that the party high command will make a clear statement regarding the same.

“We are standing by our promises. We have fulfilled all the promises from the 2014 elections, but the TDP government is simply targetting us for their political mileage. In the near future, the party leaders will give a clear cut idea about the railway zone, Kadapa steel plant, Tribal university, etc. After all this, TDP will not have any point to rub upon BJP”, said Krishnam Raju.

The sad part is that TDP and BJP have mastered the blame game and are well-prepared to push the acquisitions onto each other. One day, a TDP leader says that BJP cheated the state by neglecting the promises. The next day, a BJP leader comes up, saying we have fulfilled all the promises and TDP is the one to be questioned here. This Tom and Jerry fight will surely come to an end before the 2019 elections, opine political analysts.