Published On: Sep 3, 2018 1:47 PM IST

KCR’s Pragathi nivedana sabha is a flop show

It is well-known that Telangana chief minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao held a massive public gathering yesterday. The TRS chief was hoping to showcase his crowd-pulling capabilities to the public and send signals that his party is up for the challenge in the following elections as well.

Speaking about the Pragathi Nivedana Sabha, Congress party Telangana president, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that KCR wasted 300 crores for a useless event. The meeting was a flop show as the chief minister dis not speak about anything that would ensure the progress of the state. He simply spent the taxpayers’ money with his arrogance, said Uttam.

Everyone expected that KCR will drop the bomb(Early elections) yesterday but that did not turn out to be true. The latest we hear is that the Telangana assembly will be dissolved on September 6th. It needs to be seen if at least this speculation will turn to reality.