KCR using Motkupalli against TDP?

Monday, May 28th, 2018, 08:39:56 PM IST

The latest developments in Telangana TDP are suggesting negative results for the party as many senior leaders are willing to leave the party. The latest addition to the list is a long-serving leader, Motkupalli Narasimhulu. Motkupalli stood with the party for a really long time and is one of the most trusted leaders for the party high command in Telangana region.

However, he has turned against the party and is making some hard-hitting comments against Chandra Babu Naidu. In a recent interaction, Motkupalli said that Babu is a character-less leader and does not know how to value the people who have served the party over the years. Interestingly, he went all praises on Telangana chief minister, K Chandra Sekhar Rao, saying that that the TRS chief never degrades anyone around him and knows how to respect a person.

The political analysts have been saying that this may be a political move from KCR to irk the TDP before 2019 elections. Keeping in mind that Motkupalli has traveled with the party for more than 15 years, using him against CBN can yield great results by damaging the latter’s reputation. With that being said, KCR has been intending to get supporting hand from Babu in the process of forming a third front. Will he dare to trouble CBN when he needs him the most? This is surely a trick question to answer.