Published On: Sep 6, 2018 1:50 PM IST

KCR hardcore rival is back

Telangana chief minister, KCR has quite a few political opponents and Congress party leader, Revanth Reddy stands first in the list. The young and dynamic leader never misses an occasion to breathe fire on KCR and other TRS leaders.

Reacting on the Telangana assembly dissolution episode, Revanth said that KCR is troubling the common public with his implementations. Why should the people of Telangana be put through so much just because KCR has some astrological calculations? Do and KCR and his close associates have any sort of maturity? These are the main questions that are being raised by Revanth.

Interestingly, Revanth resigned his MLA post in order to protest against the TRS party. He submitted his resignation letter to the speaker and requested for a quick approval.