Karnataka polls: BJP survey predicts a disaster

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018, 09:36:24 AM IST

The time is ticking for Karnataka 2018 general elections. The political parties have been busy planning strategies and agendas to attract the voters towards their side. BJP president Amit Shah and the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi have taken these elections very seriously and have been campaigning for the party.

BJP’s integral part, RSS, recently held an internal survey on the party’s chances of making it to power in Karnataka. Surprisingly, the survey results made it clear that the saffron party will be winning a maximum of 70 MLA seats, while Congress is set to conquer 115-120 seats. The main reasons for these disastrous results are the implementation of GST, varied pricing procedure for petroleum products, and mainly the negative impact on the public for giving a lot of prominence to Gali brothers, indicated the survey. The survey predicted that JDS will be winning in 29-34 MLA constituencies.

RSS added that BJP’s CM candidate, Yeddyurappa has failed miserably in attracting Lingayuth vote bank. All in all, going by this survey, Congress has managed to retain the power and a good part of this credit goes to Siddaramiah.