Karnataka polling day: Yeddyurappa declares the date of the oath-taking ceremony

Saturday, May 12th, 2018, 12:53:54 PM IST

The reports flying in from Karnataka suggest that the Kannada state has already registered a solid 11% polling in the first 2 hours itself. Interestingly, a few EVMs have shown signs of malfunctioning and the polling has been halted in these locations. Moreover, the massive turnouts at the polling centers indicate that this election is going to be a close one.

However, BJP senior leader, Yeddyurappa has stated that the saffron party will be winning a minimum of 150 MLA seats in this elections. Interestingly, Yeddyurappa is so very confident about the results that he has revealed the date for his oath-taking ceremony as the chief minister of Karnataka. The senior leader said that the results will be declared on May 15th and he will be taking charge as the chief minister on May 17th.

It needs to be seen if Yeddyurappa’s prediction will turn into reality. All in all, Karnataka elections are promising to be a cracking encounter as BJP, Congress, and JDS have been oozing confidence right from day 1 of election campaigning.