Karnataka: No majority, but Yeddyurappa set to take the oath

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 09:46:23 AM IST

The political equations in Karnataka are taking huge twists and turns as both Congress and BJP fighting it out till the very last moment. Congress has already declared that the party will be supporting JDS and Kumaraswamy(JDS) wrote a letter to the governor, saying that they have enough members to form the government. However, the governor gave the single largest party, BJP, 1 week time to prove their majority in the assembly.

With all this going on, BJP leader, Yeddyurappa is all set to take the oath as the chief minister of Karnataka today. The developments indicate that BJP government has 15 days to prove their majority and form the government. The Congress party challenged this decision at the supreme court, saying that this is completely against the constitution. Reportedly, the supreme court rejected the proposal and refused to stay Yeddyurappa’s oath-taking ceremony.

All these developments clearly indicate that the saffron party has figured out a way to attract the required number of MLAs. Amit Shah has mastered the act and most certainly will work his way around the situation in Karnataka, opine political followers.