Kajal: Navdeep flirted me thrice

Monday, April 9th, 2018, 01:01:09 PM IST

Kajal is not in her prime anymore. However, the craze the actress has garnered is refusing to fade away. The diva is still considered as an option for top hero’s movies.

Speaking at a recent event, Kajal revealed that Chiranjeevi is the most romantic hero that she has ever worked with. She added that Mahesh Babu is the calmest of the lot, but is very jovial when he speaks. On a funny note, the actress said that Navdeep tried to flirt with her thrice in the past.

Kajal said that Allu Arjun always tries to stay in trend and will never be out of style. The beauty made headlines in the past by saying that Tamil hero Vijay never stays in the current trend and is outdated.