Published On: May 27, 2018 2:08 AM IST

Just because I’m a Dalit

Senior Party Leader of TDP Motkupally Narasimhulu made some shocking allegations on the Telugu Desam Party. Earlier he had stated that the TDP was keeping him away from the party but later he confirmed that the reason behind it was his caste.

“I have been a loyal follower of Chandra Babu but the party is denying me of my basic rights just because I’m a Dalit.” He further added that the Chief Minister of AP has no respect for the Mala and Madiga communities.

Surprisingly he pointed out that his Telangana counterpart KCR had worked a great deal for the welfare of SCs and backward castes.

The TDP saw resignations of several senior party leaders in the past few months and this could have major effects in the upcoming elections as most of them revealed displeasure and have joined the opposition parties.