Jayprakash Narayan rejects Pawan…?

Friday, March 30th, 2018, 02:26:53 AM IST

Former IAS and reformer Jayprakash Narayan seems to have ditched Pawan Kalyan’s proposal and ties with Janasena.

After the initial collaboration with Pawan for the Joint Facts Finding Committee and having elaborate discussions, debates involving several individuals, intellectuals and bureaucrats, reports have said that the Lok Satta leader was disappointed with the way the JFC was shaping up without any proper conclusion.

JP has initiated an Independent Experts Committee after Pawan got too busy with his convenient politics and left the JFC without bringing it to a logical conclusion.

He declared that IGE will invite other experts depending on their availability and indirectly stated that Pawan is often making confused decisions and confusing the people too and hence he is out of the picture.