Jayalalithaa’s driver opens up on death mystery

Friday, March 9th, 2018, 10:26:13 PM IST

The demise of Tamil Nadu Ex-chief minister, Jayalalithaa lead to various questions from the general public. There were rumors that Jayalalithaa was poisoned and all the hospital saga was just a drama.

Interestingly, Amma’s car driver, Ayappan made some interesting revelations about the death mystery. He said that the rumors about poisoning are baseless and the political leader died of health issues.

He revealed that Jayalalithaa was already suffering from a few health-related issues and the situation worsened before her death. He added that Amma was put through vivid political pressure and that disturbed her to a great extent.

Ayappan said that Jayalalithaa was refusing medical assistance as she was far too busy dealing with the political scenario at that time. This negligence affected her big time and eventually cost her life.

On an emotional note, he said that Jayalalithaa was a very humble person and cared a lot about people around her.