Jana Reddy: No one is better than me

Saturday, May 5th, 2018, 06:12:52 PM IST

Congress party senior leader, Jana Reddy made a few interesting comments with 2019 elections in mind. Speaking about the chief minister candidate for the party, Jana Reddy said that he is one of the most experienced leaders in the party.

The senior leader stated that he is the best option for the party and no one is better than him currently. He added that his experience and expertise can come in handy for the party at the crucial moments. This clearly indicates that Jana Reddy is sending the signals to the party high command that he is expecting the CM chair if the party comes to power in the following elections.

Speaking about the party’s support towards Komati Reddy and Sampath, Jana Reddy said that the Congress party stood firmly behind the leaders during the crisis. The high command will never leave the party’s leaders when they are in trouble, concluded the senior leader.