Jagan is good, but…

Monday, June 18th, 2018, 07:21:47 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh opposition leader, YS Jagan is receiving a good response for his Pada Yatra and has a good chance of becoming the chief minister, said Undavalli Arun Kumar. The political analyst added that Jagan should not underestimate the political brilliance of Chandra Babu as he is a master of turning things around.

Chandra Babu is known for his management skills during the election campaigning and that will come in handy for the seasoned campaigner. Jagan should hire a good team to make sure that he stays on top of his opponents and make the most out of the following he has attained through the Pada Yatra, concluded Undavalli.

Undavalli has come up with a point to point analysis, replicating the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh. It is up to Jagan to cash in on his craze as it is a make it or break it situation for the young leader.