It is time to grow up, T Congress

Friday, May 11th, 2018, 11:46:59 AM IST

Telangana Congress leaders have started criticising the ruling party for every reason that comes their way. Many people are feeling that Congress leaders are foul crying on the TRS party for no apparent reason. Especially, the Congress senior leaders like Uttam Kumar Reddy and Komati Reddy have been going a bit too hard on the Telangana government.

Recently, TRS implemented Raithu Bandhu scheme through which they will be providing a financial aid of Rs 4000 per acre for every farmer. The government took this scheme prestigiously and made huge arrangements for the event.

Reacting to this, Uttam Kumar Reddy bashed the government saying that all these schemes are to attract the voters for 2019 elections. Well, it would have been better if Congress leaders maintained dignity as the government took an initiative to support the farmers when they needed them the most. Downgrading that government even when it is taking some great initiatives shows the desperation of the opposition.

It needs to be seen if Raithu Bandhu scheme can help the TRS party in the following elections.