Is this the ‘End’ of Sri Reddy?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, 11:54:30 AM IST

Struggling actress Sri Reddy’s latest comments indicate that this may be the end of a weird saga that lasted for days together. In a recent interview with a noted TV channel, she said that she had enough of it and is willing to end it all.

Sri Reddy received huge backlash after she made a few derogatory comments on Pawan Kalyan. This led to an outbreak in Pawan’s fans who were heavily offended by her vulgar comments. The backfire was so very severe that she decided to call it quits.

In her latest social media post, she stated that ” Enough of this life”. She added that this is the first time she felt she was alone in the world. It is tough to crack what were her real intentions, but going by the statements, we can conclude that we may not see her in TV debates anytime soon.

The actress wouldn’t have expected such widespread negativity as she was aiming for disgraceful publicity by foul-mouthing about Pawan Kalyan. This proved to be her falling step as many of her supporters turned against her as there was nothing much anyone could do to get her out of the tensed situation.

In the meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan’s fans and followers are in no mood to let go of this issue. A few reports claim that a few followers are intending to lodge a complaint against Sri Reddy for making such offensive comment on Pawan Kalyan.

It needs to be seen if Sri Reddy will actually end the saga now or will take it forward even after knowing that everyone is against her.