Published On: May 26, 2018 4:50 PM IST

Is this Modi’s victory or Congress’s defeat?

It has been 4 years since Narendra Modi has taken charge as the prime minister of India and it has been a roller coaster ride ever since. The BJP government was blessed with majority MP seats, thanks to the Modi wave which shook the entire nation. With such huge support, everyone expected wonders and miracles from the Modi Sarkaar, but that was never really seen in the 4-year tenure.

The government’s initiatives like Goods and Service Tax(GST) and Demonetisation received a mixed response from the general public because the nation has never seen such dynamic implementations ever before. Interestingly, the saffron party was hit by the public backlash as people were scared that Modi was not batting an eye towards the middle and lower classes.

Just when the public was unsure about who will become the next prime minister of India, the latest survey reports from the mega times’ group are indicating some surprising results. As per reports, 71.95% of 8,44,000 participants said that they will be voting for Narendra Modi as the prime minister if the elections were held on an immediate notice. The Congress party president, Rahul Gandhi had support from 11.93 %. This makes it clear that close to 3/4th of the participants have opted for Modi.

The interesting part is that Congress could not score even when there was a great deal of negativity against the Modi-led government. Rahul’s lack of leadership skills and the Party’s lackluster cadre have played a key role in these disastrous results for the age-old party. In the end, Is this Modi’s victory or Congress’s defeat?