Published On: Jul 30, 2018 7:10 PM IST

Is Sri Reddy really worth it?

Sri Reddy has been in the headlines for quite some time by making offensive statements against noted celebrities in Tollywood. She constantly keeps claiming that many people cheated on her by saying that they will movie offers if she fulfills their personal favors. It looks like Sri Reddy has finally gotten the chance to prove herself in front of the media and public.

It is already known that Tamil director, Raghava Lawrence challenged Sri Reddy to prove herself in front of everyone and assured her a movie chance if she manages to do the same. Many people are saying that this challenge will finally answer the question, Is Sri Reddy really worth it, or not? If she manages to improve everyone, she will be getting a movie chance. If she fails to do so, she will lose her fighting ground.

We need to admit that Lawrence laid out the right challenge and settled the issue for once and for all. It is up to Sri Reddy to prove herself or go down with severe criticism.