Published On: Jul 29, 2018 3:45 AM IST

Is it Jagan, or the BJP speaking?

YSRCP Chief Jagan spoke for the first time about the reservation for backward castes in the state. The YCP chief stated that it was not in bounds of the state government and hence he cannot promise a reservation for the ‘Kapus’ in Andhra.

He claimed that CM Chandra Babu has made impulsive promises to all backward classes that cannot be fulfilled. However AP Deputy Chief Minister Chinarajappa asserted that the opposition leader is simply a mouthpiece of the BJP and is making such statements because the BJP has refused to provide a reservation.

The Home Minister for state also slammed Jagan for criticizing Chandra Babu. He also pointed out that his father, late YS Raja Sekhar Reddy had also been negligent towards caste reservations. He challenged the opposition leader to fight for the reservation in the assembly if he has the guts.