Published On: Sep 5, 2018 2:50 AM IST

Is it a ‘goodbye’ for KCR and party?

TRS’s much talked about ‘Pragathi Nivedana Sabha’ failed to attract the desired response for the people and also seems to have made little impact on the crowd. Telangana Jana Samithi founder M Kondaram stated that the conference felt like a farewell party for CM KCR who has semmingly lost the connect with the people.

Speaking to the media, he said, “The lack of response to the huge conference from the people of Telangana and the Chief Minister’s disappointing speech all seem like they will lead to the loss of this party. It looked like the CM was giving a farewell speech for the last time. This is what happens when political leaders don’t meet people outdoors and confine themselves to their lavish offices.”

According to reports only 2.5 lakh people out of the expected 25-lakh people graced the huge conference. And less than 1/5th of them claimed to be impacted by the TRS. Some stated that KCR’s speech lacked the connectivity and the usual punch. KCR has asked for dissolution by Sept 6, but is the party really ready to go into polls at such a point?