Is BJP even listening to Babu?

Thursday, April 5th, 2018, 09:56:20 AM IST

Bharatiya Janatha Party has been under severe scrutiny ever since TDP left the NDA alliance. The saffron party has been put under the knife by the TDP leaders under Andhra Pradesh.

The TDP leaders have taken it upon themselves to speak out about the injustice done by BJP. However, they have been doing the same thing a bit too much. Surprisingly, even Chandra Babu is coming in front of the media and saying that they made a mistake by joining hands with BJP.

The main question is that will BJP even listen to TDP? Going by the current trend, TDP has lost most of its charisma in the public. The failure in bringing special category status and below par governance are taking a toll on the party’s image. With just 1 year left for general elections, all the parties will be looking to attract the public while TDP will be looking for salvation.

With all this in mind, BJP thinktanks will be preparing strategies for the following elections rather than listening to Babu.