IPL matches to be held out of India?

Thursday, April 26th, 2018, 12:02:42 AM IST

Reports say that the next season of the Indian Premier League might be held in Dubai. An insider in the BCCI stated that there were chances that the IPL 2019 be held in Dubai for security reasons.

The 12th season of the Indian Premier League is set to be held from March 29th to May 19th of 2019. And exactly around this time, the country would gear up to the General elections and the BCCI fears that this might create disturbances in hosting the IPL.

It was announced that the BCCI had taken all the measures to shift the IPL matches to Dubai if a condition arises where the safety is compromised. This is not the first time that IPL has been held overseas.

It was held in South Africa during the 2009 General Elections and in UAE during the 2014 elections.