Published On: Sep 10, 2018 3:32 PM IST

INDvsEng : That stupid decision cost India the test series

Now that the test series is done and dusted, the followers of the Indian cricket team raising a few doubts regarding the final team selection. Many people have been saying that the board and management took a stupid decision by not using Jadeja in the earlier stages.

The all-rounder put up a great show yesterday both with the bat and the ball. Cricket analysts are saying that Jadeja could have come in handy in tricky situations as he sticks to a proper line and length, causing enough troubles to the English batsmen. Also, his batting skills could have saved the day in the first test match, where India lost by mere 31 runs.

Meanwhile, Jadeja’s recent inning impressed the fans and board alike. If he manages to continue this form, Ashwin will have to call it quits for his test career and there is no doubting that.