Published On: Jul 23, 2018 6:54 PM IST

India will be staring at humiliation if this man fails

Team India put up a great performance against England in the T20I series, but the men in blue had to lose put the ODI series, owing to poor performances from the batsmen. However, the young team is all set to face a mighty strong test line-up of England.

The test series is set to be played from August 1st and the team has already started preparations for the game. It needs to be said that Kohli will be playing a key role in the series and his form can potentially turn the odds in India’s favor. If Kohli fails to put up a decent performance, India will be staring at a humiliation, like many times in the past, opine cricket followers.

Another ray of hope for team India would be Kuldeep Yadav, who had a dream run in the T20s and ODIs. The English batsmen are finding it tough to read his deliveries and losing their wicket. The swinging conditions will surely play a big role here and Indian batsmen should be on the top of their game to put up at least a decent performance in the test series.