Published On: May 31, 2018 11:38 AM IST

In talk : Pawan Kalyan using his movies strategy for Janasena

It would only be fair to say that Pawan Kalyan enjoys unprecedented craze and following from the youth, thanks to his unique mannerisms. When Pawan Kalyan decided to call it quits for movies and set his prime focus on politics, his fans and followers were disappointed that their favorite bid adieu to movies. However, a few reports are claiming that Pawan Kalyan may get back to his acting career after the 2019 elections.

In his acting career, Pawan never rushed to sign consecutive movies even when he was at the peak of his career. He took it one movie at a time and that resulted in massive gaps from one release to another. At one stage, Pawan took over a year to conceptualize and complete a movie. His fans and followers had to wait to wait for lengthy periods to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor on the big screens.

The interesting news is that Pawan is implementing a similar strategy with Janasena as well. Our sources in Janasena are saying that Pawan Kalyan does not have a solid plan about running the party even after 4 years of its establishment. This is clearly evident in his Praja Poraata Yatra as the party leaders have no idea about where Pawan will be touring next. It looks like the actor turned politician will finalize his next schedule only after completing his current tour.

We should wait and watch if Pawan Kalyan’s one thing at a time strategy will work out.