Published On: Jul 25, 2018 3:43 AM IST

If AP gets SCS, we should get it too

In a new turn of events, TRS Senior Leader T. Harish Rao demanded that Telangana should also be granted the Special Status if its neighboring Andhra is granted the status. He also asked the regional Congress leaders to announce their stand on Rahul Gandhi’s SCS promise to Andhra.

“If AP is granted a Special Status, there will be huge tax concessions. This will lure the major industries in Telangana to move their business, which in turn will create severe unemployment in the state. Will you let this dire injustice happen to Telangana?” he questioned the Congress leaders in Telangana.

He also pointed out that the Centre is being unfair by giving national recognition to the Polavaram project and turning a blind eye to the projects in Telangana. Political analysts have stated long ago that this was going to be the major drawback of SCS. That If AP gets the status, then other states will also demand for the same and this will create great ruckus in the nation.