Published On: Jun 12, 2018 11:07 AM IST

I will not work against corruption, says Kumaraswamy

Karnataka chief minister, Kumaraswamy recently took charge as the chief minister after his party formed an alliance with Congress party. The Congress-JDS alliance had a tough task on hands right from their first day in the office. The constant kvetching from senior leaders in both the parties made things even more horrendous for Deve Gowda and the Congress high command.

Speaking at a recent event, Kumaraswamy said that he cannot work against corruption as his party does not have the majority in the house. He said that he may lose the CM post if he wishes to fight against the deep-rooted corruption in the state. The corruption factor in the state is so very high that the complete eradication of the same is next to impossible, said Kumaraswamy.

These are some really strange comments from the chief minister as openly stating that he cannot fight against corruption sends all the wrong signals to the public. If this were his true intentions, why did he even wish to become the chief minister? What kind of results is the chief minister expecting by openly portraying his weakness? It looks like only he can answer these questions.