I will not stop visiting Delhi: CBN

Monday, April 2nd, 2018, 02:44:31 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandra Babu said that he will not stop visiting Delhi. In the past, Babu was heavily criticised for repeatedly visiting Delhi for various reasons. However, his latest comments make it clear that he is no mood to stop visiting the capital of the country.

Speaking about this, Babu said that he is traveling to Delhi to meet various political leaders. He added that his visits to the capital are for the welfare of the state and not for his personal issues. With the ongoing fight for special status, we can expect CBN to travel more often than normal.

CBN said that the Congress party has done injustice by dividing the state without proper strategy. He added that the BJP government failed to keep up their promise and pushed the state into further troubles. Babu urged the other national parties to extend support to Andhra Pradesh in the fight for special category status.