I will meet every political leader in Delhi : CBN

Thursday, March 29th, 2018, 11:45:26 AM IST

Chandra Babu Naidu has been a bit aggressive on opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh ever since TDP quit the NDA alliance. He is trying to take on BJP and YSRCP on every occasion regarding their lack of political principality.

In a strong decision of sorts, Chandra Babu has invited all the political parties in Andhra Pradesh to take part in the all-party meeting. However, prominent parties like BJP, YSRCP, and Janasena opted to stay out of the meet. Shocked by the decision, CBN said that he will be inviting these parties in the future as well. He added that the parties should be answering to the public if they miss the next meetings.

Babu said that he will be visiting Delhi soon and meet all the prominent leaders from national parties and gather support for AP. He added that he knows how to develop the state and does not need any advice from the opposition parties.