Hyderabad police : No drones for a month

Thursday, April 5th, 2018, 12:46:36 AM IST

The Hyderabad police commission has banned the citizens from flying drones in the city premises. This will come into effect from April 8th and will last till May 7th.

Incidentally, the police commission has received intelligence reports claiming that there is a security threat in the city. As precautionary acts, the police department has passed the above act. Anyone found remotely controlling airborne equipment will be booked under appropriate charges. However, anyone intending to use drones should be getting a prior written statement from the nearby police station, said police chief, Anjani Kumar

The police department has been slowly testing the use of drones in the practical environment. These drones are being used to ensure the safety of women in the IT sector. Drone surveillance is both cost-effective and time conserving.