Husband files for divorce as wife is not waking up early

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, 02:28:38 PM IST

In a weird incident of sorts, a person from Mumbai filed for divorce saying that his wife is not waking up early. He stated that she was not taking proper care of the household works and neglecting her duties.

In his petition, he said that his wife is not waking up early and not cooking proper food for the family. Interestingly, the court cross-questioned him asking that what more could he expect from a working wife. The court further added that she is taking decent care of the household works even after coming back from the office.

However, the person said that his wife was staying in the office till 6 PM and is not cooking the dinner on time. Her behavior is not going well with her parents in law, said the person.

The court was having none of this and stood by the woman. Expecting more privilege from a hard-working wife is not right, opined the judge. The case was closed by the court saying that they cannot issue divorce for such silly reasons.