HUGE : Samantha supports Pawan Kalyan on Sri Reddy issue

Friday, April 20th, 2018, 01:28:14 PM IST

The current political trend in Andhra Pradesh is so very distressing that people are targeting family members of the opponents. A similar incident happened a few days back as Pawan Kalyan was targeted by an actress name Sri Reddy. She made a degrading comment on Pawan Kalyan and had to face stern backfire from Pawan’s followers.

Pawan took it to Twitter to respond on the ongoing issue. He stated that a section of media is trying to target him for their political gains and to increase their TRP ratings. He came up with a string of tweets aimed at a few prominent media personalities. To everyone’s surprise, Samantha retweeted Pawan’s post and showed her support to Pawan Kalyan.

It is really great to see Samantha and many other film personalities stand by Pawan when he needs them the most, opine netizens.