Published On: May 29, 2018 12:27 PM IST

How on earth are you expecting this to happen, Pawan?

Just when everyone thought Pawan Kalyan was going on the right track with his Prajaa Poraata Yatra, he has come up with another highly misleading comment on the political developments in AP. In a public meeting, Pawan stated that the TDP government will be joining hands with YCP, BJP, and Congress during the 2019 elections. Yeah, you heard that right, Pawan actually said that all the political parties in the state will be joining hands during the following general elections.

These comments stunned everyone who was present at the event as no one expected Pawan to make such wayward allegations against political parties. The interesting part is that the social media handles of Janasena posted these updates on its official profiles. This unappealing comment questions Pawan’s understanding of the political structure and his tactical analysis on a whole.

How on earth is Pawan Kalyan conspiring that each and every political party in a democratic state join forces during the elections? This is the main question that is being raised by a few confused netizens. It needs to be seen if Pawan will refrain himself from making such weird comments in the future or continue on this track.